McBusted Review – 05/05/2014


Perhaps the biggest thing to happen to pop rock in the 21st century is the formation of “supergroup” McBusted – comprising of McFly and Busted (although Charlie Simpson hasn’t joined the band in order to pursue his solo career – anyone heard of it?) Originally planning to do 11 shows, fast ticket sales resulted in the group performing 34 shows in their huge arena tour. I was invited to see them at Sheffield Motorpoint Arena, and having spent my childhood through a music phase of softcore punk listening only to McFly I had high hopes. I hadn’t listened to them in a while, however, and I’ve never been a huge fan of Busted.

Support acts were interesting: Young Brando; E of E and The 3 Dudes (who I think have a combined age nearing just 30?) but a few boos from the crowd confirmed the bands’ popularities.

McBusted made it for it, however, by entering the stage in a Back-to-the-Future-esque entrance, with Busted members flying onto the stage in that car in a load of smoke, and McFly shooting through trapdoors whilst pyrotechnics exploded everywhere.

They played a combination of the two bands’ greatest hits whilst the crowd went crazy – needless to say certain items of underwear reached the stage.

Midway through the concert, after the group left the stage temporarily and TV screens showed them reporting alien activity, they descended into the arena on an enormous floating spaceship. After doing a few songs on it midair, they ran though the crowd back onto the stage where a huge flaming ‘McBusted’ sign had appeared. Huge yoga balls made their way into the crowd during Busted’s “What I Go to School For” and the concert was rounding off by “Year 3000”, in which the nipples of a triple-breasted inflatable prop exploded with streamers. The band then left the stage by jumping through a huge hole in the flooring through which the flaming sign had risen.

The term “supergroup” certainly wasn’t a lie, and though I couldn’t hear properly for the next week, it was a great concert. It didn’t make the slightest difference not knowing many of Busted’s songs – the nostalgia of both groups and the incredible staging of it made for an unforgettable night. It doesn’t matter what taste in music you have, every single person in the arena came away buzzing, and I think that’s where McBusted’s success lies.

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