Artist of the Week – Hozier


If you remember, we met Hozier a little while ago when “From Eden” was the Song of the Day. Your votes are in, and with great pleasure guitarleaves can announce Andrew Hozier-Byrne is our next Artist of the Week. I’ve been speaking to his press manager, who informs me he is currently very busy in the US of A. Hozier is so passionate about music – a trait we really respect – so much so that he dropped out of his degree on Trinity College Dublin in order to record demos for his label. His first single, “Take Me To Church” reached number 2 on the Irish charts, and focuses on homophobia – something Hozier describes as not a “civil rights issue” but a “human rights issue” and makes a statement against organised attacks on LGBT youth internationally. The immense power of this song comes from the heartfelt and powerful lyrics, which are what earns this man the title of Artist of the Week.

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