guitarleaves Unearthing – Emeli Sandé

EmeliSande-New_608x376I realise that Emeli Sande is not an artist who can be unearthed a great deal, being a seven times platinum singer/songwriter, although Emeli has a few tunes that emerge from before her fame – the tunes which are giving her a feature on guitarleaves Unearthing. For those that don’t know, Emeli Sande (you don’t know just how much the fact I can’t place an accent on the last ‘e’ is annoying me) is my musical icon. She earned her credit and respect in the industry by working tirelessly and writing music so passionate it is relatable to all: not by dancing around a stage hidden in auto-tune sporting crazy outfits. She is also incredible live – what I consider the test of a great musician. The song giving her this blog post is “Kill the Boy”, written before her music was internationally recognised and as such isn’t on her album. It’s beautifully jazzy – more obviously so than her usual songs – and blends harmonies with blues instruments and drums alongside strings.

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