Song of the Day – Gooey

2013GlassAnimals_Pr180613Glass Animals are a very exciting band. Consisting of Dave, Drew, Edmund and Joe they produce psychedelic, alternative music in a blanket-adorned studio they call “The Shed”. I have so much admiration for this band – mainly because they are so out there and eccentric. Prior to Glass Animals, the band identified themselves as “Alligator Puffin Chicken Go Yeh Woo” and when asked to summarise their music in three words, they responded with “occult bunny lagoon”. The lead singer of the group studied neuroscience and as such was familiar with the psychiatric ward – something I’m sure the unicorn-loving band took as inspiration. Take a listen to “Gooey”, and if you like it be sure to pre-order their upcoming debut album “Zaba” – I certainly have!

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