Hottest Upcoming Gigs

largeWith Summer fast approaching and almost every artist packing their tents to play a host of festivals, now seems a good time to tell you about are best picks for you to go to. Whether you’re on a budget, hungry for he biggest artists or want to relax with a variety of creative people, the choice of festivals has never been better and there is something for everyone out there.

Have a little look at are favourite three:

  • The Eden Festival (12th-15th June) value themselves as “Scotland’s Boutique Festival” and we think they’re spot on: including a cycle-powered reggae tent and a psychedelic temple in a variety of large tents, this festival is the place to go for a cultural flavour and a great time:
  • The Secret Garden Party (24th – 27th July) sports unknown artists and gains its adventure from the crazy art installations floating on the lake and around its Cambridgeshire venue. The dress code this year is “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, though you’re just as likely to see people wearing the theme as you are people wearing nothing at all:
  • V Festival (16th – 17th August) is perhaps a more mainstream and commercial festival, though its line up this year is the best of all the festivals we feel. After all, festivals are about their music. Showcasing Justin Timberlake to Jess Glynne to Alan Carr, there is something to everyone’s taste in entertainment, and a variety of camping standards are available:

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