guitarleaves International – Vök

10530918_264905497038015_617049554571934303_nNow it seems that Icelandic music is in the UK charts more than we care to realise – spanning singles from Of Monsters and Men to the melodies of Sóley, it appears that the use of the internet to promote music has had more of an impact on international tastes than the introduction of cheap flights. In this post however the attention is on Icelandic “dreamy” and “experimental” trio Vök. Literally translating to ‘a hole in the ice’, I discovered these guys on a recent tour around the country which terminated in the capital city of Reykjavík, where Vök originated. Now I won’t even begin to claim an understanding of Icelandic more than ‘loftslag’ (climate), ‘edlfjall’ (volcano) and ‘hvala’ (whale) – the aeroplane’s information about the local geography was most informative – but thankfully I don’t need to in order to enjoy their music, as a large number of them are recorded in English, as with most Icelandic music (clever people, eh?). Have a play of “Við Vökum”  from their EP “tension” (translating to ‘The Makers’), and I’m sure you will agree with me that it has a very healthy sound, bringing its inspiration from the great outdoors of thewondrous terrain called Iceland.

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