Song of the Day – Busy Earnin’

Jungle-Press-Photo-1-credit-Dan-Wilton-600x400Today we bring you “Busy Earnin'” , the second single from the seven-piece group Jungle. Described as a fresh blend of “tropical percussion…psychedelic washes and badoinking bass” (and yes, we think ‘badoinking’ should be put in the dictionary, too), this London-rooted collaboration manages to effortlessly combine the best of vintage music with the wonders of modern-day production into a strangely familiar new take on the alternative and dance scene. I have a sneaky feeling that good things are in store for Jungle, having recently been nominated for the BBC Sound of 2014 Prize, missing out to the one and only Sam Smith. Their self-titled debut album is due to be released mid-July, and going on their latest work I reckon it will be a corker.

Check out the beautifully staged “Busy Earnin'” video below.

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