Happy New Year


First things first, Happy New Year! 2015 promises to bring the best new artists, the wildest new concerts and of course the catchiest new songs – and as a result, guitarleaves will be working overtime with the amount of fresh new talent. Having said that, this year will also bring some changes to the blog’s structure. I think when this project was set up back in May 2014, the word over-ambitious came hand in hand. With so many melodies and young faces there was (and still is) scope for multiple posts per day, but realistically this just isn’t feasible anymore. In fact, there may be a back log of posts waiting to be written from June, but we don’t need to discuss that… So bring on the next 12 months, and bring on the crazy nights, but somewhat regrettably let’s bring on a more moderate posting schedule. That also means the blog’s structure will be more relaxed and posts could be about anything at anytime – yes, you heard that right – exciting, eh? What is it they say; rarity is a gift anyway? I hope you all have a fantastic year, and here’s to the future.

guitarleaves x

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