Song of the Day – The Nights

1396045227_451849703_avicii-467Now before you say anything let me just confirm I do in fact know that Avicii perhaps isn’t “under the radar” in the music industry, although I could not resist featuring his latest single “The Nights” on guitarleaves. It somehow strikes a chord in me (get it, eh?) that neither spoken word nor visual aid manages to in the same way. He’s done it again: he’s managed to produce a masterpiece. Before I even saw the video (which is stunning – be sure to check out its star, the inspiring life-liver Rory Kramer) it made me desperate to buy an old camper van and just drive for miles on end under the milky night sky of an American forest. Forget the fact that Tim Bergling/ Avicii actually Swedish, who’s up for it?

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