Circa Waves Review – 10/04/2015


When I was asked to go and see Circa Waves at the Leadmill in Sheffield, I wasn’t jumping in joy. Of course I knew the likes of “T-Shirt Weather” and “Young Chasers” (you know, I had actually stepped outside in the last year), but past that point the connoisseur in me lacked. But, a gig was a gig, and regardless I naturally agreed. Now it’s one of the nicest feelings when the reality of something exceeds your expectations, and that’s exactly what happened. With faultless support from Gengahr and another band whose name I seem to have forgotten along with the entire of Google doing the same… the night seemed to explode when the main band took to the stage. A full house started frantically head banging and screaming, and the energy seemed to be contagious. Within seconds I had been ripped apart from the group I arrived with, and made friends with a load of strangers in the darkest depths of a mosh pit. With excellent lighting and professional musicians the night seemed to disappear in a matter of seconds. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know the words – it turns out I did recognise many of the tunes, and even if I had sung, it would have been drowned out by the shaking of the drums. I left having lost at least three stone in sweat and with a few videos that are shaking too much to watch, but it was a truly unforgettable night and I would urge anyone to go and see them on their upcoming UK tour.

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