Album Review – A Dream Outside


Having supported the likes of Circa Waves and alt-J it would appear that Gengahr have already been recognised for their unique and hauntingly smooth style. Available on June 15th 2015, their debut album “A Dream Outside” captures perfectly the essence of the band – with each of the eleven records advertising the range of musical talent they can portray whilst maintaining a delicate fluidity throughout. No note is out of place on the LP, a feat only possible due to the fact that the band has discovered their musical identity, something becoming increasingly unheard of with a few emerging artists. It’s so refreshing to listen to an album that takes you on a mildly psychedelic journey, and for me that’s where the true gem of Gengahr’s music is situated. From the well-recognised “She’s A Witch” to the newer “Trampoline”, every aspect has been carefully considered. When I saw them as a support band, having no knowledge of their music beforehand, I was made to feel like a lifetime fan and found myself singing along. The band seems familiar, and I’m sure in a few months they will be even more so due to a developed popularity.

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