R1BW Lorde Review – 27/05/2017

lorde-performs-at-radio-1-s-big-weekend-in-hull-05-27-2017_1.jpg*Spoiler alert: Lorde stole the entire weekend.*

Never in my whole life have I been more pleasantly surprised at an artist. Now that’s not to say I expected anything other than positive – I am a huge fan of her music: I don’t think anyone can hear “Royals” and consider it to be anything but brilliant. I was just very aware of the fact that she is twenty years old. Of course, age does not determine professionalism or talent, but as I am writing this review I am sat in an egg-stained top wearing yesterday’s socks, brutally aware of how Lorde is enjoying worldwide fame and fortune. Her set, however, showed me exactly why she has achieved stardom, and I would go as far as saying that it was my favourite performance of the entire festival. Bursting on in neon she dominated the stage from the word go, and led the audience through a particularly moving tribute to the victims of the tragic Manchester attack. She ended her stage time with a powerful rendition of “Green Light”, sashaying off with her characteristically quirky dance moves and leaving us all with a regal longing for more.

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