R1BW Katy Perry Review – 27/05/2017


I think that what distinguishes a so-called ‘regular’ act from a headliner is the degree of showmanship. As I have mentioned several times before fantastic music can come from anywhere, and if you place someone relatively unknown with good music on a large stage then the crowd will still have a good time. To be able to place someone on a large stage during the headline slot takes more than just music – it takes performance. Katy Perry, it seems, has showbiz pulsing through her arteries. As the set was being built (a series of rotating pink and blue doors through which dancers would later weave in and out of in a variety of costumes) it was obvious that this set would be next level. Opening with “Chained to the Rhythm” it was hard to tell what was in greater abundance – the sequins in which she was dripping or the screams of ecstasy from the crowd. With such a large repertoire of songs to choose from she could afford to ensure every track was well-known and guaranteed to get her fans started – as my friend pointed out they were all “right bangers”. While many may be too cool to admit it, people who genuinely aren’t huge fans of Katy Perry are few and far between and the result was an explosion of energy to end the most wonderful day. The fireworks may have accompanied “Roar” but it certainly wasn’t the only song to light up the sky.

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