R1BW Little Mix Review – 28/05/2017


As I wearily dragged my sore feet across the threshold of Burton Constable Hall – weary from ten hours of Dad-dancing the day before – my plan was to head straight to the coffee vendor. But rather than an Americano I was met with a British pick-me-up: Little Mix. Now I’m sure I’m not alone when I say my preconception of the group is that they are no doubt incredibly successful but because I don’t fit the demographic of a young girl I would never be their biggest fan. I think after watching their performance the notion isn’t as far-fetched as I might have thought. I think I was most impressed with their talent – as strange as that sounds I was half-expecting a lip-synced cheesy autotune (as is the case with many high-calibre pop artists) but it was evident that each of the perfect harmonies and rehearsed choreography were a result of handwork and dedication. I was mildly shocked, but incredibly impressed.

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