R1BW Two Door Cinema Club Review – 27/05/2017

maxresdefault.jpgIf there is one season to define Two Door Cinema Club it is Summer – whether they are performing their tracks across the globe or you simply hear a distant song drifting from the serving hatch of an ice cream van they are everywhere that the sun shines, and as a result have a wonderfully warm sense of familiarity. It was therefore a treat to catch them at Radio 1’s Big Weekend Hull 2017 in the Where It Begins stage. Now with long hair, frontman Alex got the crowd going wild and their allotted half an hour trickled away faster than the ice cubes of a cocktail. Ending their set with well-loved favourites “What You Know” and “I Can Talk” was a very clever move and if the arrival of Summer wasn’t already obvious, it was now.

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