R1BW Clean Bandit Review – 28/05/2017


Arguably (and I say this because of my own identical preconceptions) with electronic music, live performances do not require the same level of talent as other genres. With pre-recorded synths you need only press play on a laptop, pair it with some impressive (yet unrelated) pyrotechnics and bam: you have a flawless set. Clean Bandit, however, do not fall into this trap. That is, members Grace, Luke and Jack ensure the focus of their music is live instrumental, and along with accompanying vocalists and backing musicians the result was the perfection of pre-recorded electronica achieved through a more classically-trained medium. They played a variety of their hits, bringing Louisa Johnson out to sing “Tears” and Anne-Marie out to sing “Rockabye”, who had performed on another stage earlier in the day.

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