Song of the Day – Slumlord

neon-indian-519ca58be238c.jpgIf you’re a fan of hypnagogic pop then you are in for a treat, and if you’ve no idea what the first word even means today will be somewhat educational. Meet Neon Indian, the creative brainchild of Alan Palomo. Specialising in mangled synths and ethereal sounds, Neon Indian is a brilliant example of how versatile electronic music can be. What impressed me the most when listening to his expansive repertoire is his ability to connect a whole range of different sounds with his own unique stamp: he isn’t afraid to try new things; to experiment with syncopation where it normally shouldn’t fit and to synth the living daylight out of anything that so much as flinches. The result is a beautifully current yet retro-inspired catalogue of easy listening. Take a look at “Slumlord” below and prepare to be transported into a world of gyrating walls and oversized floating rabbits:

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