Song of the Day – Pelicans We


As I sit here typing up this post I feel like a dog who has just unearthed the juiciest bone. In fact it is a struggle to try and write something cohesive because I just want to turn the volume up and askjfiagsjaiubaid for the remaining characters. Let me introduce you to Cosmo Sheldrake – side note, real name – a musician and producer from London. Apparently he taught himself piano by ear at the age of four, a somewhat unbelievable fact until you discover that he can now play upwards of thirty instruments. I am well aware that his music (described by the artist himself as a rehash of an electric mix of sounds) may not be to the taste of the contemporary charts, but things worth listening to rarely are, and while he may have kept a low profile over the last couple of years, there are some legacies which can never be forgotten.

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