Song of the Day – Chronic Sunshine


As I post this I have absolutely no doubt that this track will split opinions. Penned by Cosmo Pyke (another wonderfully-real name), “Chronic Sunshine” is a creative amalgamation of more musical styles than a record store. From the bluesy undertones of ska to soft rock, it seems he wants to pay homage to all that has been before him in the industry. What struck me when listening to this for the first few times was the sudden and unexpected switch between genres. You have to be paying attention to the subtle (and speedy) transitions if the story is to be coherent. That’s why “Chronic Sunshine” is so special – it doesn’t conform to any pre-existing musical forms and simply speaks for itself. Whether you like what it has to say is another matter entirely, but the fact that it is opinionated is definitely something to celebrate.

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