Song of the Day – I Got You


As I was doing my (somewhat unfruitful) research in order to write this post, I discovered the extent to which Seramic maintains an elusive presence. Having seen him perform I am convinced that he does in fact exist, although if I were going from Internet presence alone I wouldn’t have been so sure. Of course there is his repertoire of stonking tracks which fill the Seramic silence with a bluesy and irresistible melody, but quite who makes them is more of a mystery. Whilst this is frustrating from a journalism point of view I can’t help but admire this attitude: music should always be the focal point, and by representing himself in this way there is no choice but for this to be the case. Have a listen to “I Got You” below: we don’t know where it came from but I have a suspicion as to where it’s going – the starry skies of success.

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