guitarleaves Introducing – milkd


I’m extremely happy to say that I have managed to see milkperform live on a number of occasions around Edinburgh’s grassroots music scene, although up until recently they have only been known as friends ‘Will and Andy’. Perhaps one of the scariest things any musician must go through is the leap between playing for fun and taking it seriously, but what a debut single they have gone for. ‘Rosie’ effortlessly blends the sultry keyboard skills of Will Langston and Andy Stern’s similarly-forced guitar. It is hard to believe that they are still only students rather than professional musicians, but with a wide breadth of experience under their belts and a natural talent that exceeds what age can bring, I have no doubt that milkd have a bright future.

guitarleaves Introducing – Bipolar Sunshine

Bipolar-SunshineBipolar Sunshine is an upcoming artist from Manchester, although up until 2012 was 1/6 of ska and indie band The Streets. The “bipolar” part of his name derives from his desire to be able to explore all avenues of music without his name restricting him to one style, and the “sunshine” from his like of ending on a happy note. Aside from writing his eclectic combination of records, Adio Marchant (Bipolar Sunshine) has recently finished supporting Rudimental and London Grammar and is soon to embark on his own headline UK tour. You can catch his reggae-inspired and uplifting music across a range of festivals or at a menagerie of venues this Autumn.

guitarleaves Introducing – Rhodes

RHODESRhodes is a singer-songwriter from Hitchin in Hertfordshire. Being so fresh to the music scene, not a great deal is known about him as a person but his music speaks for itself – his tracks feel like you’ve already heard them, as though a familiar memory comes flooding back. It’s a rare type of music that can do that. If you want to catch his electric guitar and celestial vocals, he is supporting Sam Smith very soon before spending his Summer at a mix of festivals. Listen to “Your Soul”:

guitarleaves Introducing – Tame Impala

Bassist-Nick-Allbrook-Leaves-Tame-ImpalaTame Impala are a really interesting “psychedelic-rock-groove” from Perth in Australia. Sounding definitively vintage with a fresh modern twist in using synthetic effects such as echoes, they compare the old and the new in each of their records. In terms of band members, their approach reflects their calm attitude. You could see anywhere from three to seven band members in a performance, and the band defines success as if their music is “what you’d want to put on when you next visit your mind’s engine room” but “if not, whatever, it’s just music”. Tame Impala (the name derives from many differing translations – from antelopes to astrology) are fairly unknown in the UK at the moment, but as Summer approaches and retro comes into fashion the future can only be bright for these guys. Listen to their record “Sundown Syndrome”:

guitarleaves Introducing – Grouplove

M_Grouplove_09062013Grouplove was featured in yesterday’s hottest gigs post, although they’re so darned good they’re getting their own feature, too. Just look at how cool their picture is. The five-piece Manhattan-germinating group define themselves as rock, but I’d argue it’s alternative rock – I’m not a huge fan of rock, but I am of Grouplove. With Hannah, Christian, Sean, Andrew and Ryan playing up to two instruments each it’s a miracle their tracks are as clear and catchy as they are. I urge you to see them live, and you’ll see why guitarleaves has such big love, for Grouplove.

Watch their (inspiring, but completely politically-incocrrect) video for “Ways to Go”:

guitarleaves Introducing – Chasing Grace

qZgugIhJ  We’re so so pleased to be able to feature “Chasing Grace” on guitarleaves. Made of four school friends from Hertfordshire (Phil, Grace, Phil and Matt) I was first introduced to them at a Naughty Boy concert last year, in which they feature on the album. Though still under the radar, we love their music and Fearne Cotton has played them a lot on her Radio 1 show. They’ve just released their latest single “Run” – my favourite song from their set. It’s such an uplifting song and blends violin melodies with contemporary beats. Take a look at the video: