Artist of the Week – Jess Glynne

27946b43eb92efc9d0d1e6b88acddcb6.570x570x1As you’ll all be aware, Jess Glynne is no newcomer to success in the music industry, having scored her first number one on the UK music chart earlier this year with “Rather Be”, collaborating with Clean Bandit. She is gradually releasing her own music, having shared with us already “Home” (which earned her the nomination for Artist of the Week) and now “Right Here”, which is currently making its rounds on international charts and radios. Both seem to have distinct flavours, mixing soft grunge and electronic beats with syncopated instrumentals. We wish the 25 year old all the best for the future, and can only hope that her inevitable success will be greeted with even more consistently-catchy records.

As the official video to her first official single has not yet been released, have a listen to the audio – it may not be as easy on the eyes but you can’t say her label has underwhelmed us with the decoupage.

Song of the Day – Home

jess-glynne-interview-navJess Glynne has established her name in the music career by featuring in “Rather Be” and “My Love”. Her first solo song, “Home” is unlike both of these. Though it must be said they all have quirky and addictive beats, “Home” is soulful and plays specifically on Jess’ talent for unique vocals unlike other songs she has been featured in, which really defines the record. The track itself is not something that can be covered or sung easily, and we feel this demonstrates the skill Jess possesses. If you want more of Jess, check out her first single “Right Here”, produced by Gorgon City.