Song of the Day – deep the water


I remember when Lewis Watson came to Hull (yes, someone actually did come!) and did a wonderfully low-key gig in Fruit, the warehouse music venue. Supported by firm guitarleaves favourites Kimberly Anne and Saint Raymond he gave an exceptional performance. There is a subtle consistency throughout all of his tracks, which I really admire in a songwriter. He knows his style and he knows his audience, and so any interaction between the two is always harmonious. His latest track “deep the water” similarly conforms with this, showcasing his guitar skills and the vulnerability he manages to capture in his penmanship.

Artist of the Week’s Song of the Day – Hard As Hello

kimberly-anne“Hard As Hello” is Kimberly Anne’s latest single. It’s been rightfully very successful, with Kimberly being asked to perform it by YouTubers theoldvinylfactory, as well as Bastille taking an interest and remixing it. And what’s more, Kimberly’s accent is ever prominent in the song, which can only be a good thing. Towards the end of the track, as the textural layers come together, the song progresses from catchy to hauntingly beautiful. How so much talent can emerge from one person is beyond us, all we can say is that we’re very jealous.

Artist of the Week – Kimberly Anne


The first thing you should know about Kimberly Anne is that you need to be careful online looking for her music: there is a female bodybuilder called KimberlEy Anne. She’s just as exciting, but maybe not as nice on your ears. We are genuinely really happy to announce Kimberly Anne as our Artist of the Week. I actually met Kimberly a couple of years ago when she was a support act, and she came into the crowd. Not only did I get the usual fan stuff (autograph; photo; EP) but I also got to touch her afro – I think that’s a solid claim to fame, no? Perhaps the most chilled and friendly artist I have ever met, she used customised teabags as promotion for her EP. Now that’s a true Brit if ever I saw one. If you’ve not heard of her then don’t worry, her tunes will be no rare visitor to guitarleaves over the coming week. Enjoy her single “Bury It There”: