London Grammar Review – 24/10/2017

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As a self-professed sufferer of stage fright, Hannah Reid (vocalist for London Grammar) has, in the past, had a tendency to shy away from touring. After a sell-out tour they are back to promote their second album, “Truth is a Beautiful Thing”, in a small series of intimate gigs. Tonight I saw them at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall – a beautiful venue with less than half the capacity of their last tour’s dates. Entering the stage with a quiet gracefulness, the Nottingham-based trio of Hannah, Dan and Dot modestly slipped into “Who Am I”. Backlit by three mesh screens, intricate projections of life illuminated their silhouettes. A gentle cascade of watery images – bacteria multiplying; mountains swaying – flickered softly and they guided us through both new and old tracks. Their stage demeanour was in keeping with their music: mellow indie pop – un-showing, yet authentic. Hannah is a lady of few words but great talent, and so the three of them took it in turns to introduce tracks with an endearing shyness and chat to the smitten crowd. “Hey Now” got a huge resins from the audience as expected, but it was during the less-assuming “Rooting for You” when Hannah really shone. Taking a seat to help her with the high notes, she angelically darted between notes like a floating dandelion head. A truly magnificent performance.

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