Sam Smith Review – 10/04/2018

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This week we were fortunate enough to be able to attend Sam Smith‘s fourth consecutive gig in London’s O2 Arena. Concluding the UK portion of his sold-out “The Thrill of it All” world tour, the night was something to celebrate for a multitude of reasons. Support came from the talented Lewis Capaldi, whose guitar-based and earthy songs were authentic but let down by his self-demeaning stage presence. Luckily, however, Sam is a natural entertainer and wooed the crowds from the second he rose from the floor on a solemn chair; singing “Burning” with all the melancholic trimmings with which we fell in love. Accompanied by an equally talented live band and four backing singers, the night was both triumphant and heartbreaking. Leading us through his best work – including a remastered version of “Money on my Mind” and “Nirvana” – the crowd was enveloped in the rich and cascading vocals of his heart. Special mention must go to his breathtaking rendition of the Oscar-winning “Writings on the Wall”, during which the large pyramid adorning the back of the stage erupted and broke apart. A truly phenomenal concert to which no amount of praise can do justice: deserving in every way of the exclusive boat-based after party that followed for friends and family.

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