Artist of the Week – Commencing 22/05/2014

DSC_9112The nominations for the next Artist of the Week are taken from guitarleaves’ favourite four of the last week’s Song of the Day. It is then up to you guys to vote for your favourite. The winner will become the Artist of the Week and have one of their tracks published as the upcoming Monday’s Song of the Day. They also get a nice little header under the blog title. The winner will be contacted and hopefully write something for guitarleaves if they’re not too busy. Artist of the Week winners are published every Thursday with a feature on them.Voting ends the night before at midnight. Enjoy!

The nominations for next week’s Artist of the Week and some suggested songs (with the blog having only just launched are):

  • GEORGE EZRA – Check out: Budapest
  • TREEFIGHT FOR SUNLIGHT – Check out: Facing The Sun
  • KIMBERLY ANNE – Check out: Bury It There
  • GINGER NINJA – Check out: Sunshine



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